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At KICL, the world of challenges has not changed much from the times of C.M.Kothari. And the concept of finite land and infinite needs too remains the same. So has our passion to help our world with unexpected innovations - To help producers (farmers) and consumers in all parts of India and the world. KICL invests in R & D efforts to build up value-added biotech traits through fertilizers, agrochemicals, micro-nutrients and growth promoters. With its strong network of technology collaborations KICL has unique opportunities that can capitalize on future potential benefits of innovation in this space. The company has an outstanding base, both in terms of its market reach and its proprietary products and expertise. read more


   My yield has increased and so has my income in the last 7 years since I started using fertilizers from the Kotharis. My sincere thanks to KICL   

- C. Pushpakaran, Farmer, Lalapettai.
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