Last year I was counseled by field representatives from Kotharis, to use Bio-SHAKTHI to increase my yield for Urad. And it has worked wonders. I used it twice on the 25th and the 45th day. I took back 9 bags, from one acre!   

- K.Thangaraj, Mattangal, Gandharvakottai, Pudukottai, TN.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

In keeping with the Company's strong commitment to rural development, community development and social welfare, KICL has initiated community welfare and development programs, for many years.

The company has taken initiatives to educate farmers on efficient use of fertilizers, improving crop productivity and undertaking demonstrations that exhibit balanced and sustained use of bio-fertilizers to improve soil health. Their soil samples are collected, tested and the farmers are educated on the nutrient deficiency and the need for use of fertilizers. They are even taught on usage of micronutrients, how to increase crop yield obtained by adoption of best agricultural practices.

KICL's field representatives reach out to the farmers, conduct tours to disseminate crop literature in the form of leaflets in vernacular. KICL is planning to launch a season-wise crop advisory newsletter that will soon reach farmers in different zones of South India.

KICL's factory at Ennore has been the cornerstone of various useful activities for the benefit of socially and economically weaker sections of the society in the surrounding areas. Here is a brief gist of the activities that are programs that are nurtured on an on-going basis:
  1. Refreshments are provided for teachers working for a school for the differently-abled children located near our factory gate in Kothari Road, Kamaraj Nagar.
  2. Specially made artificial lumber support was provided for the needy in this school.
  3. The school is supported with resources that enable seamless functioning of day-to-day activities.
  4. The neighbourhood temples are supported with free electricity and donations during festive seasons.
  5. The Indian Republic Day and Independence day celebrations become special for the people of Kathivakkam Muncipal Township, as KICL joins them in their splendour supporting them with confectionary and volunteers.
  6. In the past, the people of Kathivakkam Municipality have been much thankful for KICL's gestures of supplying food and shelter to the needy during cyclones.
The poor and the under-privileged will be benefited by KICL's CSR programs for the forthcoming years, that include Health Awareness Programs, Medical Camps and some additional infrastructure for sports and educational facilities.